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Saturday 24th February
11.30am lasts about three hours
This is a longer than usual tour so we have a break mid-way
£10 (concessions £8)
Book by emailing Ken at oldmapguy@gmail.com
you will be notified of meeting place on booking
Latest bookings 9am morning of the tour

Walk with old maps tracing and exploring the lost shipyards and docks of Rotherhithe. The docks closed in 1970 and ship-building ended back in Victorian times. This is where old maps help. The mid 18th century map shows shipyards all round the peninsular. As the docks expand the shipyards are limited so cannot keep pace with the trend for bigger ships. Despite this there is still much for us to discover and piece together with regards to the area’s maritime history. We find mostly fragments though one complete small shipyard does survive.

It’s a slightly longer old map walk. So we have break at Holy Trinity Church where you can buy refreshments and use the loo. It’s a church with it’s own story to tell and so fits in perfectly with the walk. It also happens to be their Open Day so locally made crafts are on sale.


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